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How to cook fresh vegetables simply nowadays offers easy and healthy recipes for everyday cooking, in line with the health messages recommending healthier diet. 

The public health sector has been encouraging a change in eating habits to grow and live healthier, reduce the obesity level and decrease the risk of diseases.


 “How to cook fresh vegetables simply nowadays”, is both educational with the nutritional and health qualities of each vegetable and practical with quick and healthy recipes and many pictures to make it easy for everyone to use.
Signed off by the Nutrition department of the Institut Pasteur and endorsed by the French Public Health sector, our book brings easy and guided solutions to make you want to discover vegetables, learn to prepare them and make delicious dishes in line with the health and nutrition advice. 

With our book, you will discover how cooking healthy can be fun and easy.

We can tailor our book to support your messages. Please contact us for more details.            

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