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Annabelle Delaval and Arnold Weislo are the authors of six different cookbooks which encourage people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.


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Riviera Reporter - Oct-Nov 11

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The carrot and pesto lasagna or the tarte tatin of fennel with blue cheese recipes will surely make for sweet dreams.

Dietetics Today - The official magazine for all BDA members - September 11

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Not everyone knows how to cook certain vegetables, with many people sticking to the same 'safe' vegetables over and over again, meaning their diet can become rather unvaried. This book is all about making preparation straightforward, and much more exciting. It covers typical vegetables from tomatoes and cabbage, to perhaps less common options, like fennel and chicory.


Easy to cook healthy - Life and Fitness Magazine

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“How to cook fresh vegetables simply nowadays” proves that it is easy to cook simple and healthy recipes with fresh vegetables.


The Connexion - The 20-minute book review

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to wake the tastebuds of youngsters who "hate vegetables" and reawaken the tastebuds of those who have lost their taste for cooking... A superb book.

Web - Rhubarb-e newsletter

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With a range of ideas and easily adaptable recipes there are also lots of options for vegetarians. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to increase the amount of vegetable-based meals in their diet.


Your Healthy Living Magazine

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... be adventurous with your veg


Benenden Healthcare


Enjoy your greens this summer

If you fancy trying something for a quick and easy supper, then how about a tomato and goats cheese tart taken from a handy new recipe book called How to cook fresh vegetables simply nowadays.

The Healthstore

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   A great, informative and easy to follow book.

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Learn the art of perfect vegetable cooking

A lovely new book is now available to help us get the best out of our veg – and so healthy cooking is suddenly within everyone’s reach.



One of the things I like about the book is that I can carry it with me to the store, see what vegetables are available and have all of my information in hand.



I was somehow inhibited in the kitchen until I discovered easy and healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables. It is simple to use and very convenient.



What I don't like about many cookbooks is that they are either too hard to replicate, have too many ingredients that I don't own, or they are very easy to make but are really unhealthy (added cheese, cream, etc). But the recipes in this book are easy and just simple. You are actually eating vegetables and enjoying it.




How to cook fresh vegetables nowadays is the answer to…’How can I find simple, straightforward information so as to be able to integrate fresh vegetables into my daily diet, without making it dreary and boring?


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