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The authors

The enthusiastic authors: Annabelle and Arnold  

Article taken from regional newspaper « La Voix du Nord » - Sept 2007

Two people living in La Madeleine (Northern France) just published a book that will arouse the curiosity in many of us. It is called “Easy and healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables”

He's a talkative and animated graphic designer; she's a sculptor and art designer. He only knew how to cook noodles. She would spend hours preparing elaborate menus. This is not the scenario of a TV series; Arnold Weislo and Annabelle Delaval are unquestionably the authors of this original French cookbook.... an unlikely culinary scenario.    

Arnold Weislo and Annabelle Delaval complement each other well and this is how the story unfolds. It all started in a town market, with its colourful and fragrant stalls. That day, Arnold Weislo was accompanying his friend, a great cook. “When I saw him choose the vegetables while I was buying pasta, it bugged me slightly. And I wanted to do like him - be able to choose vegetables and most of all, be able to cook them afterwards. Arnold and his friend imagined writing a cookery book for singles. The project did not materialize but the idea stayed on Arnold’s mind. Sitting beside him, Annabelle Delaval smiles: “I left them raving on the idea. I did not want to get involved”. In the end, she plunged into it with delight!

And that’s how the adventure started for both of them: “We wanted to explain how vegetables work, how to peel them for example…” Arnold Weislo explains. So, they chose 20 vegetables. She started gathering for some of her easy recipes, 95 in total. He was in charge of the graphics of course. Originally, the book did not intend to be a nutrition reference, the duo just wanted to give reliable information. That’s why all the recipes were approved by the Institut Pasteur.

Brought to market on September 5th, the book has raised many comments already. The response has been positive. Originally published in 10,000 copies, the book is now available in libraries, retail points throughout France, from Nice to Paris to Belgium… “It is incredible, it applies to everyone.”  Arnold Weislo enthuses. Annabelle Delaval smiles. Her recipes raises rivalry. And not only in other families “You know what, I have cooked carrot lasagna” says Arnold Weislo proudly.


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